Project ideas for Open Data Delaware

Are you new to Open Data Delaware, or maybe a long-time contributor looking for something to work on? Here are some ideas:

From the state’s Open Data Portal:

Professional Licensing

Relevant datasets:

  1. Professional and Occupational Licensing
  2. Disciplinary Actions for Professional and Occupational Licensees
  • What are the most common fines? Who recieved the most disciplinary actions?
  • Which professions have received the most disciplinary actions? What types of disciplinary actions are those? Are there any trends that you notice?
  • Can disciplinary actions by professional license type by normalized (for example, percent of nurses in the state as opposed to raw number of nurses)?
  • Can you build system to allow a member of the public to look up a person with a profesionnal license and see their history?
  • Where are most professional licenses located? Has this changed over time? Can you normalize this by population of the cities where professional licenses are located?


Relevant datasets:

  1. Student Performance
  2. School Directory
  • From 2012 - 2015 (years data is available), which school districts had the largest increase in test scores?
  • Which schools are closest to facilities in the Toxics Release Inventory?

Not Delaware, but fun

  • Find a bunch of recipes for chocolate cookies and average them out. We got this idea from The Pudding.
Written on January 13, 2018 by Chris A. Williams