5 Open Data Articles that We’re Talking about Now

Welcome. We’re enthusiastically preparing for DataWorks 2016 – the first open data live event in Delaware. This is part of a nationwide movement, National Civic Day of Hacking, and will be held at 1313 Innovation on Saturday, June 4th. If you’re interested in this blog post then you should attend! We’d love to see you. Learn more, register at, and please share our Eventbright listing.

Benchmarks are essential to learning about data trends, and the annual Open Data Barometer from the World Wide Web Foundation is a great place to start. It details the global issues, opportunities and threats in open data. The US ranks highly, but it’s not number one. Who beat the US? Read the report to find out.

Although the open data movement has typically focused on government and NGOs, it is the easiest way to kickstart public-private partnerships. Open data replaces red tape with a green light. Over at ZDNet, Joe McKendrick details the “Seven Vs” of quality data – and how private-sector companies can pursue open data solutions.

What are some examples of open data in practice? See what some companies and organizations are already offering. Nicole Laskowski of TechTarget published an illuminating list of ten examples.

The Open Data Institute asks, “What is an open data company?” Teams are using open data to create innovative products and services. They published a detailed analysis, along with suggestions for implementation.

We’re delighted to see support for open data coming from the highest elected office. The White House has announced a nationwide open data initiative called The Opportunity Project. We’re following developments there – and we look forward to seeing this in action, both nationally and here in The First State. Pam Baker of FierceBigData has the story.

Written on May 3, 2016 by Joe Senft